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Monday, June 8, 2009

Get out a little, Phillyvolk

Don Russell, the fella who is the face on Philly Beer Week and is Joe Sixpack, the beer columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, is leading a 3.5 hour walking pubcrawl in Northern Liberties this Saturday. It's $75, and well worth it: you'll get "behind-the-scenes experience" (the kind you always see me and Don and Uncle Jack getting, and you wonder what's going on when we leave the room? This is it), food and drink (hint: probably beer) at The Swift Half, 700, Standard Tap, and Ortlieb's, the best of the Northern Liberties (except for Druid's Keep, Abbaye, and North 3rd...but there's only so much time in an afternoon). Seriously, a great time, and if you've got friends who haven't seen The Philly Beer Scene, this is an excellent intro. Check here for more details.

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Christian Schmidt said...

I would suggest ya'all creep by my place for some refreshments but those ne'er-do-wells down at city hall decided to tear it down. bastards.

Just stay away from William Gretz's place, that guy is not very hospitable.