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Friday, June 26, 2009

KegWorks and Mr. Fizz continue to please me

I told you that I finally gave in and ordered a CO2 tap, the Mr. Fizz from Leland, after years of fiddling with a handpump picnic tap. It was a huge and fantastic difference: almost zero wasted beer, no frustration with juggling pressure -- it's a set-and-forget beauty -- and maybe best of all, we didn't have to drink a whole keg in one day or have the remainder go flat. I love the thing.

But we've got a party coming up: the first of eight nephews/nieces/son & daughter graduated from high school (congratulations, Matt! GREAT job, and accepted an Echols Scholar at UVA!) and I offered to bring the tap. And then realized I had no gas. Yikes! Scramble, and find that KegWorks has the best price/shipping combo...but can't guarantee delivery before we have to leave. Gamble, order six cartridges (about $10 each, and worth it).

Lo and behold, they showed up today, three days before the earliest estimated delivery date. Bravo KegWorks! We'll have perfect beer for the party.

Folks, I get no freebies and no remuneration from either of these two companies; they don't know me from Adam. I just love the products and service, and cheerfully recommend them to you. Now, if you'll excuse's Beer O'Clock.


Threepwood said...

Hi Lew
Apologies in advance Lew, I sense this may be a bit of a newbie query.
When using your Me Fizz tap, how has the beer been conditioned/carbonated? Do you have a number of barrels ready to go that have been conditioned at home (ie on a home CO2 system) and then just use the MrFizz system to dispense on location? Or is the MrFizz system flexible enough to allow you to condition directly from the supplied CO2 canister? I'm making the assumption you are dispensing your own home brew so this may be where I'm having trouble :-)


Lew Bryson said...

Yeah, that last assumption is the one where you're off. I haven't homebrewed in 16 years. I'm buying kegs at the store.

sam k said...

Store? You buy kegs at Wegmans? Wink, wink.

The American Don said...

I have got to get one of these. Great looking out on the product review. And with so many of the next generation still to graduate, looks like you'll have ample opportunity to use it.

Also, does the CO2 tap come with the girl in the picture?

Adam said...

I'll vouch for that. Every time I talk to those guys they think I'm Lew and they still don't give me any freebies.

Lew Bryson said...

I'm telling you guys: you drop my name, you're on your own. It's not always a good effect!