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Friday, June 12, 2009

Weyerbacher Zotten

I'm late with this review (and other things...), but Friday afternoon needs a beer, so I'm taking that opportunity. Weyerbacher Zotten is their new Belgian Pale Ale. Well, not completely new. Zotten was Alpha, the first in their Brewer's Choice beer releases. I didn't get any Alpha (or any of the others, except the rather nice, quiet Echo), so A to Z: I got Zotten.

I was expecting something along the lines of a De Koninck or an Ommegang Rare Vos: lightly malty, some yeast character, easy and laid back. Nope. Zotten's got some kick to it (6% ABV), some serious hop backbone, a crackling shot of spice, and a little fruit. A lot going on in this glass, in fact, it's got more flavor than beers in the 7-8% range (and I'm not talking Olde English 800, either). No disappointments. Maybe a touch too much hop, but I suspect if it was a bit warmer in the house (having a problem with the AC, just keeps going too cold), I would have a different opinion. Nice work, Weyerbacher. I'll have an eye out for this one.


sam k said...

AC!?! What the heck is it, 90 degrees in Philly? We hit 75 between the ridges today. AC makes you soft, Lew.

How the hell did people exist 40 years ago? Oh yeah, they opened the windows at night and spent the day on the porch.

Can't wait to try a Zotten, AC optional.

Lew Bryson said...

It was real humid, but mostly I've been trying to figure out where the new system is comfortable. We got a new high-efficiency furnace and a programmable thermostat in January, and now that we're coming into AC season, I want to figure the thing out. That's all. Smart ass.

Jonny Rashid said...

Loved the Zotten; much better if it's warmed up a bit. Picked up a case; just wrote a bit about it, too.

Kevin said...

I love this beer. I really think that Weyerbacher is heading in a good direction. People who can not handle the bigger beers can now taste what Weyerbacher produces, even though Alpha was released first.

Steven said...

Hmm, there are some people over at BA looking for some "lower alcohol" beers -- some things below 7%. This one sounds real interesting, maybe I'll let them know.


Anonymous said...

Summers are worse now than they used to be. Temperature statistics bear that out.

years ago i would sit in the basement to read. Otherwise I'd go sit in some lagering caves. Nights could be miserable without A/c.

Steven said...

"Summers are worse now than they used to be. Temperature statistics bear that out."

It's been a real spring here in the Midwest; cool and rainy. Break my heart.

glenn blakely said...

Hi Lew Zotten is on tap right now at Isaac Newtown I tried it and loved it Glenn Blakely