Friday, June 12, 2009

More Fun at Sprague Farm

The latest from Sprague Farm and Brew Works: their brewpub is open! (got this from Sam Komlenic; thanks, Sam!)

Hello Everyone!
We just wanted to inform everybody that the Brew Pub (BIERHALLA) is now officially OPEN!!!! We want to thank everyone for their hard work and support to help us get this up and running.
Our current hours are now: Thursdays 2-8, Friday/Saturday 12-9.
The Grand Opening bash for the new Bierhalla will be on July 25 with more details to come on that as it approaches.
Thanks so much again and we hope to see all of you very soon!
Approach Your Day The Sprague Way, Sprague Farms and Brew Works
Looking forward to my PAB4 visit to Sprague!


Harry Spade said...

I need to take a leave of absence from work just to drive around Pennsylvania and visit some of these breweries. All of my responsibilities are making me miss out on a lot of good beer.

sam k said...

The best part's in a real barn! Our tour group made it here on a midwestern PA tour in March, and it was one of the best brewery experiences, ever.

Minnie and Brian are excellent hosts, and run a true farm-based operation. We enjoyed the locals and the beers during tasting hours, and stayed in the farm house they rent out, drinking into the night.

An awesome experience that needs to be on everyone's list, even mine (again), now that the pub's open!