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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Has it been a year already? Has it only been a year?

Earth, Bread + Brewery has been open for a year. Can you believe it? After all the crap they had to go through to open...

Hey, that's all behind us (and them)! Next Friday, October 9 is the celebration. It starts at 5 PM and goes till closing; Tom Baker will have eleven house beers on; there will be t-shirts and anniversary pint glasses for sale, and... for the first time ever at EB+B...

They'll be filling growlers.

For real, baby. So hike your butts on over to Mt. Airy and fill up on flatbread and Tom's great beer, fill your growlers with Tom's great beer...but don't overdo it, because I expect to see you at Kennett the next day!


TC said...

I hope they'll have Love Your Mother on tap. For me, that was the single best beer I had in 2009.

Anonymous said...


Per your advice, I took my family to EBB a couple of weeks ago while visiting my son, who is attending Temple Dental School. The flatbreads were out of this world and all the beer I tasted were clean and wonderful. I cannot wait to go again, I just wish it was closer for me.