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Monday, September 14, 2009

Flying Fish Exit 1: Foreign Export Oyster Stout

Just got this from Casey Hughes at Flying Fish:

"I just brewed Exit 1, Foreign Export Oyster Stout, this is my lunch today, stout boiled oysters on pizza!"

I'm looking forward to this one (very appropriate placement, too). Takes me back to the days when Yards would have a party when they brewed the first batch of Love Stout, and we'd all eat stout-boiled oysters. I think Casey should make this again; I'll bring the pie!


Bill said...

I would have thought a carcinogen infested, heavy metal contaminated, ozone depleted, PFOA in your blood brew would have been more appropriate considering the Dupont plant right next door.

sam k said...

PFOA? What's that? Blood brew? Who drew blood? We prefer English here, 1st Stater.

Kirby said...

Love the upate Lew, HATE that this one just went in the fermenter and I have to wait for it. Casey give you any ETA for exit 1?

geoffrobinson said...