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Saturday, September 19, 2009

KBF: Day Two, mini-notes

It was a long day. I did work and errands in the morning, then went to the Boubon Hall of Fame to see my friend Chuck Cowdery get inducted into the Bourbon Hall of Fame. Then I was going to take a nap, but my editor reminded me I had a story due, so I wrote 2,000 pretty damned good words in two hours.

Then I went to Heaven Hill's Bourbon, Cigars and Jazz event, which was very cool, and I talked to a very open Craig Beam. How many days of rye are you mashing now? Craig's answer: about 12. Remember, as little as three years ago, Heaven Hill was mashing a day or two of rye a year. Now it's twelve. How cool is that?

Anyway, then I came back to the motel and hung out with the Buffalo Trace production folks, drinking, telling stories, and laughing really hard.


Anonymous said...

How bout some news on WL Weller.
They make some great stuff.

Lew Bryson said...

Well, I can only tell you that 1) the Weller 12 was what I was drinking last night, and 2)the Weller line is getting a packaging overhaul. But don't expect a lot of tinkering with the line, or any major expansion of territory: Buffalo Trace just doesn't have the whiskey stocks to blow the doors off anything just yet. I can also tell you that I thought this year's William Larue Weller in the Antique Collection was frickin' outstanding.

The Professor said...

Nice to hear they are upping the Rye production at least a bit. Still love Rye whiskey better than just about any other.