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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Killmeyer's: That's a lot of beer

There's a great place on Staten Island that I don't talk about enough, considering how I've probably been there more often than any other bar in NYC, with the possible exception of d.b.a. It's Killmeyer's Old Bavarian Inn, a great German joint that I've been enjoying for years, including one really nasty night of snow on Long Island when I holed up there to get my nerve and spirits back online before heading home. It's a place that resonates with me (mind you, parking can be a bitch), even though I've never been to any of their great-sounding events. Like, for instance, the one they're having this Sunday, which just sounds fantastic:
Our 10th ANNUAL OKTOBERFEST BEER TASTING-PIG ROAST will be held this Sunday afternoon at 2:00 sharp. Latecomers, even with reservations, might not get seats for this event. You can’t walk into the middle of this; it is a full program. Only pre-purchased reservations are guaranteed seats. This year we will taste approximately 30 seasonal brews. $35 includes beer and pig dinner.
$35? Thirty beers and a pig dinner? But wait, that's not all! You also get music!
THE HAPPY TONES, the Original Octogenarians of Oktoberfest, will be here not only every Sunday afternoon but also every Saturday afternoon during Oktoberfest. This Sunday, they are joined by JERRY COYNE and the HEIMATT-GRUPPER DANCERS.
Crap. And I'm already scheduled. One of these days...

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Tom E said...

As a native Staten Islander who's been to Killmeyer's many times, I can easily second this recommendation. Another great German spot on Staten Island is the Nurnberger Bierhaus. Atmosphere isn't the same, but the food is a notch above Killmeyer's. It's also on the north shore, which can be of greater convenience depending on which way you're coming or going.

And the Happy Tones are fantastic. They once made me laugh so hard and unexpectedly that I came within a split second of snarfing up my kassler rippchen. Good times.

Tom E
Jersey City, NJ