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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Session Beer Blowout at Tria Today

Just heard from the folks at Tria; they're taking Avril -- one of my fave session beers, and one of theirs -- off-tap for the cooler months of the year. It will be back next summer, but they are discounting it today to blow the kegs. Details here.


Anonymous said...

i just had this last weekend at the Brass City Brewfest in waterbury CT. even the sales rep pouring it said he didn't like it, that there was "nothing to it"... i loved it and can't wait to pick up a bottle, but i guess if you've been drinking quads and DIPA all day then there's just "nothing to" session beer.

Jay said...

Wow, that Vanberg & Dewulf link was great, thanks for sharing it! Wish I had a chance to get to Tria soon :(

Lew Bryson said...

Vanberg & DeWulf deserve to be doing a lot better than they are. Their beers are excellent, they're extremely knowledgeable and have been doing this almost as long as anyone in the business. Don Feinberg changed my life by opening my eyes to the challenges we face from chain restaurants and monoculture. Good folks.