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Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Sly Fox Hops Project

We've been enjoying the fruits of O'Reilly's (the one in the middle) obsession with single-hopped beers at Sly Fox for years now (six years, according to Ohst (the one on the left)). This is the last year. We're promised something new next year, but there you are. What do you think of a replacement: the Yeast Project, with 12 beers all done with the same malt and hops recipe...with different yeast? Or (duh...) the Malt Project where a different malt is featured prominently. Or hell, maybe a different adjunct every time. I see a lot of promise. It will be wasted, because Brian's got his own vision, of course, but I throw it out there for anyone to use.

Anyway, here I am, enjoying the pale ale-version of the last Hops Project, with Steve Jacoby (the one on the right). I tried a lot of 'em, and wound up with the Argentinian Cascade: bitter, spritely, piney, and earthy. Interesting stuff. 

Whew. Liveblogging is interfering with my enjoyment here. Have fun, folks!


Adam said...

Nice job of the live blogging.

I agree the Argentinian was very good, my favorite amongst the red and blue samplers.

Dan Bengel said...

Don't forget the Keller Project sometime in Feb. Six of the Fox's beers, unfiltered.

jakester said...

Hey Dan...Let's not start any "lets get Steve fired today" rumors!!