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Friday, July 16, 2010

Barcade Fishtown? Game on!

Thanks to Uncle Jack for bringing this to my attention (I clearly have to put Brownstoner on my regular reading list): Barcade is coming to Fishtown! I love this Brooklyn beer bar, with its beep-booping collection of vintage arcade games and excellent beer, and the Fishtown branch (how cool is a NYC bar opening a Philly branch; you know they see a good market, right?) sounds great, beer garden and all. Looking forward to this.

By the way, Brownstoner linked out to FooBooz for news of Jose Garces next joint: Frohman's Wursthaus (13th and Chancellor). It's wonderful: things just keep getting better and beerier in Philly.


Rich Pawlak said...

Former lesbian restaurant becomes a sausage emporium? There's a certain poetic justice to that, dontcha think?

Tom E said...

So they're looking to expand to both Jersey City and Philly?

I wonder if it's both or a one or the other thing.