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Friday, July 2, 2010

Homebrew Mad Lib

I've been cleaning up the desk in prep for this weekend's big party, and came across this homemade homebrewing Mad Lib we came up with a few years ago. I present it just for fun. You know how to do this, right? You copy and paste it into Word or Notepad or whatever, then go through the text, prompting your friends -- who haven't seen the text -- to fill in the blanks only by asking them for the types of words in brackets, and then you read it. Hilarity ensues. That's the idea, anyway. Lame? Sure, and that's half the fun. 

Big Homebrewing Fun!

The National Homebrewers ___________[event] was held in ___________[city] last month, and it ___________[verb ending in 'ed'] a lot. There were ___________[number] contestants, who brewed a total of ___________[number] beers, most of which were ___________[adjective].

The judges ___________[adverb] disqualified most of the beers, saying they were either too ___________[adjective] or not ___________[adjective] enough. The brewers of the disqualified beers said the judges were all too ___________[adjective].

The 2nd place beer, a ___________[beer style], made the judges ___________[verb] with pleasure. The liked the ___________[color] color, the rich aroma of ___________[noun], and the complex flavors of ___________[noun], ___________[noun], and ___________[noun]. Two judges said the beer really deserved to ___________[verb].

But they all agreed that the 1st place beer was a ___________[noun]. "It really ___________[verb ending in 's']!" one judge ___________[verb ending in 'ed']. It was a ___________[adjective, size] beer, with ___________[number] IBU and a massive ___________[number] percent alcohol. "It tastes better than ___________[plural noun]," said the head judge. 

The winner, ___________[first name] ___________[family name], said they had brewed the beer ___________[adverb]. "It's a ___________[adjective] recipe," they said, "and it makes ___________[number] gallons of beer for only ___________[number] dollars."

The judges drank ___________[number] more glasses of the winning beers, then went out on the town to ___________[verb] all night.

(No homebrewers were harmed in the creation of this amusement. I swear. If any homebrewers are offended by this, please feel free to substitute "Pro brewer" for "homebrewer" at any and all points. Or "giraffe," if that works for you.)

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Anonymous said...

ha! next time you run across a surly, uppity, presumptuous beer snob, ask if they're a BJCP judge and i bet dollars to donuts they say yes.