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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yuengling expanding Port Carbon brewery

Holy crap: Yuengling's expanding their 'new' brewery. The Pottsville Republican-Herald is reporting today that the brewery will be adding four 1,500 barrel fermenters and nine 1,500 barrel Lagering tanks to their Port Carbon brewery at 310 Mill Creek Ave.

America's Oldest continues to crank out the Lager.


Jim said...

The more people who discover Yuengling, the better. I say pump it up Port Carbon!

Anything that gets folks a little further away from the macro-giants is a good thing.

Lord Salisbury said...

Now they should have plenty of room to handcraft and reinstate that fine old bavarian type and old german premium!

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe that Yuengling has outgrown its facilties already. The company is making a big push with its Porter and Lord Chesterfield and the bock was a big hit. Perhaps there are some more seasonals coming this fall.

Gary Gillman said...

Yuengling is really an amazing success story. Against all odds, this regional from a remote part of Pennsylvania has not just endured, but thrived.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for it in OH. Hopefully the price won't go the way of Sam Adams and some international conglomerate won't buy it.