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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red White & Brew Goes Down the Shore

I've been dropping by Red White & Brew in Mt. Holly for years before I put it in New Jersey Breweries (or maybe Mark wrote that part; I'm not sure). Anyway, they pack a lot of good beer -- often not the same ones you see everywhere else, and they're my closest source for Climax -- into a small space, and they have good whisky, too.

I heard today that they've opened a second Margate. Now that's good news when you're stuck at the shore, awash in Bud Light. I mean, you can't spend all damned day at Tun Tavern and Firewaters, right? You can get good take-out now. It's at Margate Towers, 9400 Atlantic Avenue (just down the road from Lucy the Elephant), 609-823-0060.

Nice to think about on a day when I really ought to be at the beach...and headed for NOLA tomorrow. Heat, baby. Bring the beer!

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CMF said...

I've always been able to buy good (and local) beer in Margate at Downbeach Liquors on Ventnor near Frontenac. Although the selection isn't as nearly as wide as it will be at this place I'm guessing, so here's to more options!