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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Philly Beer Week -- Deliciousness at Chick's Cafe

"That's Not Belgian!"
People continue to refer to beers as having "a Belgian character." Now, given the enormous variety of beers in Belgium -- something I'm very much looking forward to experiencing in a couple days -- that's a questionable concept...but I know what they mean: a wildness, maybe rich, maybe spicy, maybe tart: the unexpected.
Join me at Chick's Cafe for a night of non-Belgian beers that have that same wildness, that unpredictability...but with their own slant. Here's what's on the well-paired menu; we're still making a few changes and additions (and I guarantee, it will only get better if we do!)
Opening beer: Seson from Birrificio Piccolo - made with chinoto, juniper, and coriander and matured in chardonnay barrels.

Appetizer: La Bavaisienne Blonde (a traditional biere de garde) served with a puff pastry tart with smoked mussels, goat cheese, leeks, and crisp green

Entree: Strada san Felice (amber ale brewed with chestnuts) with braised boar served over polenta with wild mushrooms.

Cheese course: El Gaitero Sidra / La Choulette Framboise (yes, that's a Spanish cider) with a northern Spanish cheese selection (Cabrales, Idiazabal, Afuega l' Pitu), possibly a French cheese with the Framboise.

Desert: BB10 from Birreria Barley (a dark rich beer brewed with the juice from the local Cannonau grape) with a chocolate truffle tart.
$55 plus tax and gratuity: tickets available from Chick's (215-625-3700; or you can e-mail directly).


Kevin said...

Where could I pick up a bottle or two of these fine Italian beers, the Seson, in particular. I am sure they are in high demand as the seem to be the new best thing right now (the Italian beer tasting event acouple of weeks ago, Don Russell's column, and now being features at this dinner). It is like the Super-Tuscan revolution di birra.

Lew Bryson said...

As always, the question is where do you get a bottle or two? Your best bet is probably The Foodery, either at 10th and Pine or up by Standard Tap. Not SURE they have them, but they're the most likely.