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Friday, February 22, 2008

Pilsner Gala is now a LAGER Gala

We had some folks who wanted to play with us in the Pilsner Gala we have planned at Triumph for Philly Beer Week who didn't have what were quite exactly pilsners...but Jay decided we should let them in anyway. So here is the final list (er...probably final) of Lagers for the Gala at Triumph on March 13, 6-10 PM.

Triumph - German Pils, Dunkel, Kellerbier, Blonde Doppelbock, and Rauchbock (all from the Philly location)
Iron Hill - Vienna Lager (which, if you ain't had it yet, you should)
Victory - Braumeister Pils (Tettnanger?) and Prima
Sly Fox - Pikeland Pils, and a special amber Rauchbier
Ramstein - Vienna Lager
Appalachian - Zoigl Star Lager (unfiltered kellerbier-type)
Lancaster - Franklinfest (a change from Gold Star Pilsner)
Troegs - unfiltered Sunshine Pils
Stoudt's - Pils (this may be unfiltered; waiting to hear on that)

And if you're hungry, Jay is lining up serious German beerhall eats: smoked sausage, meat patties, pfefferwurst, sliders (okay, German-American), and lots of meat. There will probably be some vegetable stuff too. No, really!

This is all pay-as-you-go, most (but not all) breweries are sending people, and you will have an almost unprecedented opportunity to compare these local lagers side-by-side. I'm really looking forward to this, hope you can make it!

Addition: Lord, I was just looking at this line-up'd be hard-pressed to find this many different non-mainstream lagers on in one bar/brewpub anywhere. It's gonna be better than Germany. Heresy.


Anonymous said...

Lew, currently Victory has the Hallertau Varietal Hop/Keller Pils on tap. This is an unfiltered pils which uses only the Hallertau hops which were grown in the Tettnang region. Also in the tank, enjoying some secondary fermentation is the Tettnang/Tettnang Varietal Hop/Keller Pils. And there is yet another one about to be brewed. I just love Lager Land and look forward to seeing you and enjoying all these wonderful session brews. Do they know to pour a "slow pour" at Triumph?

Lew Bryson said...

Not sure which one we're getting in three weeks, Richard. And...

Do they know to pour a "slow pour" at Triumph?

I am so going to let Jay Misson field that one!

Kevin said...

Good to see Sly Fox's Rachbier is going to be there. I love this beer especially for watching Eagles games on my deck in the fall. Just something about a lager that tastes like Irish bacon. I wish I could make it to the event but my wife works nights M-F so I have the kids. I will have to get a growler fill though I believe I saw it was on at Royorsford.

Leave me some of that pils. I plan to grab a growler on Sunday. Then you can drink the rest as your heart desires.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Lagers, whatever will the geekerie do?!?! ;)

Oh, the lack of complexity! :)

Rich said...

Gold Star is one of my favorite beers. Unfortunately, they do not bottle it anymore from what I'm told.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been... to unfiltered lager land?

Lew Bryson said...

I would expect things with Lancaster to change once they actually open their off-site brewery...which there's not a date for yet.

Lew Bryson said...

I been to Franconia, and they do a LOT of it there!