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Monday, September 15, 2008

Brewer Matrimony

Saturday, Cathy and I went up to Stoudt's for the wedding celebration of Whitney Thompson and Larry Horwitz, who are, besides being our friends, brewers at Tröegs and Iron Hill North Wales, respectively. We had a great time -- other than the experiences Jack and I had with numb bartenders, first at Union Barrel Works and then at the Holiday Inn -- and Jack has done a surprisingly jovial job of recounting the evening at his blog. Go have a look. It was a fun time, and I did love the drinks card at the party: long and loving descriptions of the Tröegs and Iron Hill beers available, followed by one line at the bottom:

"Wines -- Red, White, and Pink."

How's it feel to be the trivialized ones for a change, grape punks?


Tom E said...

That's funny. My wife and I did the exact same thing. I had a chalkboard up with the brand names and home states of all of the beers (including homebrew), and wine was listed exactly the same way; red, white, pink.

We don't come from big craft beer drinking families by any means. But we went through about 60 gallons of beer and only about two cases of wine at our wedding.

Anonymous said...

So who's going to flinch and actually tell us what happened with the brain-dead bartenders, or is there really not much of a story there.

Also, did Whitney used to work at ABC? A Whitney gave us a tour there at one time, and was pleasant and quite fetching.

Lew Bryson said...

Jack told the tale...mostly, with a bit of Jackian embroidery (as if I would ever be dopey enough to call for the most expensive whiskey in the house!). Take a look at his blog. It is an amusing story.

Whitney did work at ABC for a while, that was where she was working when I met her. "Pleasant and quite fetching" certainly describes her.

Bill said...

Lew (and Sam), this is the link to the clueless bartender:

not ?p=426

Anonymous said...

Grape punks!! OMG, I LOVE it!