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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Two German Pilsners

I'm slowly -- sorry -- working my way through a bunch of German samples sent to me by a new import new that I've lost the press release and can't find it anywhere online. I'm pretty sure they're either associated with or piggybacking on Schwelmer Beer Imports in Brooklyn, so if you're interested, I'd start there.

In fact, one of the two beers I sampled tonight was Schwelmer Pils. It comes in a cute little 330 ml swingtop bottle with a decorative label, at 4.7% ABV. I remember having Schwelmer beers at a party a few years ago, and this bottle brought that back: quite solid, good malt underpinnings, hops sufficient unto the day, and quite good with tonight's pizza.

The second beer was Lammsbräu Organic Pilsner, at 4.8% ABV. They've been all-organic since 1986, according to their website, which is fairly early even for Europe. They have evidently been at it long enough to get good at it: this was quite nice. Drinkable, not overly crisp, good hop bitterness, and not cloying. Kind of sorry there was only one in the sample box: this is a three-glasser.

(I also had some Puckerfish at Flying Fish tonight, where Mark and I had our most successful signing for New Jersey Breweries so far. The Puckerfish was solidly sour, with the body to back it up, a beer with some depth. Casey Hughes shocked me by telling me it was around 8.2%; it drank like a much lighter beer. If you see this -- and there's not much of it -- grab some. I think you'll be surprised it's Flying Fish.)


Boak said...

Lammsbrau have some great beers. I'm not excited by "organic" just for the sake of it, and British organic beers can be a little dull (I.e. they're basically marketing it to people who care more about it being organic than the flavour)

Lammsbrau is not the most amazing pilsner I've had, but it's better than a lot of the mainstream German efforts.

Lew Bryson said...

Agreed: "organic" doesn't do much for me. "Local" does. Lammsbräu did, a fair amount: it was pleasing.