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Friday, June 12, 2009

Great Team, Great Beer, Great...Veggie Fare?

What a great time to be living in Philly. Not only are the Phillies the world champions, not only do we have the best selection of local beers at any damned ballpark in the major leagues (and not just at one piddley little "craftbrau" kiosk on the fifth level behind 3rd base, either, all over the place and at a -- God help me -- reasonable $6.75), but according to PETA (speaking of God help me), Citizens Bank also has the best vegetarian fare of any major league park.
The Phillies are the first-ever dynasty when it comes to delicious vegetarian fare. Now that they've added Southwestern black bean burgers and faux "crab cake" salads to an already stacked lineup that included veggie "steak" and veggie "chicken" sandwiches, veggie dogs, vegetable wraps, and various salads, we've noticed a connection between CBP's vegetarian rankings and the team's on-field success that tells us the Phils may well be on their way to another World Series crown.
Yeah, whatever. I'll stick to roast pork. But I'm still proud to see that the folks at Citizens don't see us as cattle to be fed whatever they feel like feeding us, and I'm glad they don't have a stupid exclusivity contract on beer or food. We the people, baby!

Thanks to Tom Cizauskas for the tip on this!


Rich said...

It's a great ball park, and so many of these "little" things go unnoticed. The beer and food there is great and maybe, just maybe we'll have a repeat of a great team. Go Phils!

Jay said...


Lew Bryson said...

Agreed. We deserve a hell of a lot better...but it ain't gonna happen. Dammit. A good bar would help.