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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Church Brew Works celebrates globalism with B-20 beer

Just got an interesting e-mail from Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh. They've brewed a beer for the G-20 conference being held in Pittsburgh, B-20, made with an ingredient from each of the 14 participating countries (guess the other six couldn't get off from work...).
In a global first – The Church Brew Works has brewed an exciting international spiced ale for the G-20, aptly named the “B-20” with ingredients imported from 14 participating countries! Swing by for the inaugural tapping at 5pm to kick off happy hour this Wednesday (9/23). See how these special ingredients create such a unique beer:
Argentina - Cascade Hops
Australia - Crystalized Ginger (candied ginger)
Canada - Pale Malt
China - Cracked Ginger #1
France - Strisselspalt Hops
Germany - Perle Hops and Specialty Malt from Weyerman Malt
India - Charnushka (black seeds used in garam masala and on Jewish rye bread)
Indonesia - Jackfruit
Japan - Ginger Infused Tea Leaves
Mexico - Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Russia – Buckwheat
Turkey - Mahalab (pit of the sour cherry)
United Kingdom - East Kent Golding Hops
USA - Chinook Hops & Pumpkin

The B-20 beer was brewed in the style of an English brown ale. The ABV is 7%, and the IBU's are 25. The B-20 ale was fermented at 68 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 days and has aged at 40 degrees Fahrenheit for over a month. The hop bill was kept low in order for the spices to come into play and not be overpowered by the hop bitterness.
The B-20 beer will also be on tap and can be celebrated at our friends at Kaya in the Strip and Six Penn Kitchen downtown.
Neat idea, no matter what your politics on globalization; I hope participants and protesters alike can sit down and have a beer!


Bill said...

Neat idea? Maybe someone should tell DFH, oh wait, they already did that with Pangea. Imitation is the sincerest........

I know, not the same, but really damn close.

Lew Bryson said...

What, you mean the way Dogfish Head made a really really hoppy "double" IPA, like Blind Pig? Everyone copies at some point, FS! I don't know that this idea needs defending, but B-20 combines a lot more ingredients than Pangaea, and it's a one-shot for a local event. Better than just slapping a Globalization label on an IPA, right?

Bill G said...

It's an interesting idea, but to be honest doesn't sound all that appealing with that list of ingredients...too many flavors going on at the same time.

Brew.Drink.Repeat. said...

Poop, we just got back from Pittsburgh!

My first visit to the Church, had a great time. Beer was solid, food was great, obviously the atmosphere is spectacular (and that's coming from a devout atheist!) and the Oktoberfest father/son accordion/bass duo wandering around in their sexy lederhosen just made it complete!

Bob Batz Jr. said...

Nicely said, Mr. Bryson.
Though I feel you, too, Bill G.
But I applaud the ... creativity.
And am looking forward to trying the stuff.
Bob Batz Jr. (survivor of d-1 of the G-20 in Downtown Pittsburgh)

Bill G. said...

Bob, I love your columns...a nice thing to have in the city of Pittsburgh. I'd certainly love to give it a try (once the dust settles down...can't even go in the city to get my VE 09.09.09), and hopefully I'll be wrong and these flavors will meld together remarkably.

I love self-indulgence in the beer world from time-to-time (and that shouldn't be a bad word because it's a great occasional release), but there's also something to be said for simplicity as well.