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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Area breweries are growing

Not really news, because it happened back in late September, but better late than never, I suppose: Philadelphia Brewing and Victory both made some major additions to their tankage. That's Philly Brewing's four new 60-bbl. tanks arriving at the brewery (and yeah, the leaves kinda give me away on the tardiness factor...); gotta assume they're gonna be seeing some Kenzinger usage.

Now, the tanks Victory put in are somewhat bigger: four 400-bbl. tanks. I remember my shock when I first saw 200 bbl. tanks at a microbrewery (Blue Ridge, in Frederick), and thought, Wow, I guess you've made it when you need 200 bbl. tanks. Victory's put four of 'em in, in a structure that's built to take twelve. Craft beer just keeps growing...and I don't see that stopping any time soon.


RICH said...

Fantastic. The evangelism takes root, the root grows tall, the sprout takes flower, the flower spreads the word.

And we're all drinking better beer for it. Balls.

Richard said...

Lew, I swear I have seen that pic of Victory's new fermenters before :>).

Cheers - Richard

maibock said...

man I love Victory - think I'll take the wife and kids out tonight.. haven't had this years Yakima offering yet - had a buddy say it's wonderful.

Brad said...

Impressive stuff.

Where'd you get the photos for both breweries' deliveries?

Lew Bryson said...

Brad, I got both pix from people connected to the breweries; I must admit that I was really busy that week and was not able to make either installation.