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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 - 10 - 10 at the Hulmeville Inn

We're setting up another Pennsylvania Breweries event at the Hulmeville Inn this Sunday, which is 10/10/10; kind of auspicious. I'll be signing books, and we'll be doing another charity keg (on Steve Hawk's back!) to benefit pancreatic cancer research. I'll also be donating $2 from each book to pancreatic cancer research, so come on out and get some Christmas presents! (We need to do a lot of books this time; Jeff  at the Hulmeville has competition issues, and he heard that the most books I ever signed at one event was 46; he aims to beat that!) We'll get underway at about 1:00. I'll be there shortly after that (I'm singing noon mass at St. Andrew's and will be headed down just after).


Nate said...

Lew I just wanted to thank you for the event last night at Victory. It was a blast and learned a lot. I can't wait to dive into the 4th Edition.

Unknown said...

Lew!!! I just met you - through this book, given to me as a birthday present. I'm a born and raised PA beer drinker and would love to come to the signing on Sunday. BUT! you picked the day of my wedding! How auspicious! But please rest assured that while you're signing editions, my guests and I will be imbibing on a sweet 1/2 barrel of Troeg's HopBack Amber Ale!!!

Rich Isaacs said...

Met you at this event and it was great talking to you. Always nice to find people willing to listen to me yammer.