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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dick Yuengling: "another rich cheapskate"

I've only ever seen Dick Yuengling wearing something besides jeans once. Last time I interviewed him, he chain-smoked Marlboros and stubbed them out in a used keg tap cover. So this doesn't surprise me at all. Buying the big ex-Coors plant in Memphis? That surprises me!


sam k said...

December 29, 1981, 1 p.m. My first tour of Yuengling, and when it was over, we retired to the tap room. Dick Sr. was pouring, and we had a great time, as evidenced by our departure time...6 p.m.

We left the brewery, thanked Dick, and said our goodbyes. Dick climbed into a sea-green AMC Gremlin, fired 'er up and drove away, waving at us.

Dick Jr. comes by it honestly.

Bill said...

All beer drinkers should make a Hajj to Pottsville. Pay homage to the company that is Yuengling.

Bill said...

Another thing, the Yuengling Brewery is not a gift, it is purchased by the next generation. I'd say Dick knows the value of a dollar and so do his daughters.