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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looking for "The Drink That Satisfies"

I'm not huge on sweet drinks; I'm a beer and whiskey man, and generally a lush bourbon or a Speyside, a good barleywine is about as sweet as I go. But when I do want a little sweet something, usually late on a winter's evening, as often as not the bottle I reach for is Drambuie, the Scottish liqueur. The herbs and honey and whisky make a wonderful warming sensation (and it's great in a hot cup of Earl Grey tea, too).

That's why when I was asked if I wanted to be a judge in a Drambuie cocktail competition, I said "Sure!" Best of all, you can join me. It's called "Nail or Fail," a reference to the classic Rusty Nail cocktail, it's at Ladder 15 on Sansom St., and it starts at 7 PM on Monday the 18th. The winner will be announced at 10 PM.

If you've never had Drambuie -- or any drink like it -- you ought to take the opportunity. I've developed a new appreciation for the sweet drinks, as in, you don't need to just drink them as is -- wow, they're sweet! -- or in coffee/tea -- though that is good -- you can drink them in cocktails (I've been enjoying the hell out of the Frisco cocktail: 2 oz. of good bourbon, 1/4 oz. of Benedictine, stirred with ice, strained, and a twist of lemon peel) or cut/contrast them (I was on a Kahlua press trip in Mexico in February (story coming in January in Massachusetts Beverage Business) and learned that Kahlua on ice with a big wedge of lime is awesome). So I'm looking forward to seeing what some pros can do with Drambuie.


Alan said...

Probably the first booze I ever sneaked from the liquor cabinet as a mid-teen in a Scots immigrants' house. Lovely stuff.

Rustmeister said...

Dad raised me on Drambuie, love the stuff to this day.

I hear Glenfiddich makes a liqueur similar to Drambuie (supposed to be much better). Not sure if it's available here in the States, though.

Gary Gillman said...

Indeed, and as you say Lew, one of the ways is to cut it. Even 50/50 with any malt whisky - even at 1:3 - the taste definitely comes through but with the sweetness reduced. I do the same with rock and rye.


Tara Nurin said...

I'm judging too! But on Tuesday at Mad River Old City. Sorry I'll miss you.

Lew Bryson said...

Damn! So close... You should get on the Philly Beer Geek judging next year, that's fun.

Terry said...

Hey Lew! London Grill took 1st again, tonight's Part 2 of Nail or Fail. Thatcher's Apple Spice Liq, cranberry, hot spicy rim