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Thursday, February 17, 2011

5-course Whiskey Dinner at Percy Street, featuring me

I got talked into doing a whiskey Percy Street Jennie Hatton...and if you know me, you'll be able to guess that it took very little persuasion to get me to say "Hell yes!"

Let me tell you, though: working with chef/pit mistress Erin O'Shea has been inspiring. Here's the 5-course food/whiskey menu we put together; I think you'll agree that it goes way beyond barbecue.
  • Country Ham Tasting, featuring Phillip’s from North Carolina, Father’s from Kentucky and Edward's Wigwam from Virginia, paired with a “Kentucky Tea,” 1792 Ridgemont Reserve whiskey over ice with plenty of water;  
  • Sweet Potato Soup with smoked pork rillettes, paired with Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey 
  • Smoked Trout with apple, onions and fingerlings, paired with Four Roses Yellow Label
  • Stuffed Quail, smoked and stuffed with cornbread and sausage, served with Brussels sprouts, paired with a Rittenhouse Rye Manhattan;  
  • “Cracker Jack” corn grits with caramel and nuts, paired with Rowan's Creek Bourbon.
I'll be talking about all the whiskeys, and bourbon and rye in general, of course, but I'll also be talking about why we chose the whiskeys we did, with the courses, and why we decided to do the two cocktails. I hope you'll notice that we spread the love around, and tried to lay down some whiskeys you may not have tried before.

The dinner's on March 29th, and tickets are $50, which I honestly think is a steal for five drinks and five courses. Seats are limited -- and I know of ten that are reserved already -- so if you're interested, call today: 215-625-8510.

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sam k said...

Great idea, and beautiful menu. Wish I could join. These pairings can have lasting memories, too. All I can think of when a food and whiskey pairing comes up are those beautiful raw oysters and Clynelish 14 at St. Andrews. I hope this event produces some of the same!.