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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lots more going on in Lancaster

Lancaster County already has more breweries than any other county in Pennsylvania (Lancaster, Stoudt's, Iron Hill, Union Barrel Works, Spring House, Swashbuckler, Bube's, and JoBoy's)...and they're piling on. Check out this news. Spring House is opening their taproom in the Hager Arcade (25 W. King Street) tomorrow (no brewing on-site, but a much bigger outlet for the beer, and the Conestoga tasting room will be closing...too bad!), and St. Boniface Craft Brewing has their beer on sale for the first time tonight at their nanobrewery (100 N. State St., Ephrata). Yeah, that's right: a brewery in Ephrata. Blows my mind. They'll only have growlers of their imperial stout...heh, only...but more beers are coming.

More breweries coming, too; more here shortly. GO PA!


KL said...

I'm pumped about Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co (Bucks County's first brewery, Croydon, PA). Supposed to be up and running by late Spring/early Summer.

Lew Bryson said...

One of the ones I'll be writing about soon (and of course, you mean Bucks County's first production brewery in modern times, right? We've got Triumph, and we had Porter House and Buckingham Mountain).

KL said...

Yeah, sorry about that. I was leaving out the brewpubs and the ones that aren't around anymore.

lkb3 said...

Lew, if you haven't been to St. Boniface yet, stop by. I was there last night for the first time. Six beers on tap; all very good. They're open Thursdays evenings now in addition to Saturdays.