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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marley's Opening Beer List

Marley's Brewery and Grill opens in Bloomsburg tomorrow at 4 PM (18 W. Main St., and I assume the website will go fully live at that time too...). Owner Nick Beaver (who I met back in December when I dropped in during my last big book tour) saw my mention of Marley's earlier today, and sent along the opening beer list. He's clearly -- and justifiably! -- pumped about opening.

Here's what brewer Mark Braunwarth (formerly at Swashbuckler) has queued up for the opening (brewed on the system pulled out of Porter House in Lahaska, BTW):
Kong Kolsch (and Mark made a killer kölsch at Swashbuckler; from PA Breweries: "This might be the best kölsch being made in Pennsylvania...") OG - 11.2 FG - 2.0 IBUs - 17 ABV - 5.0%
Dog Runner Red - A medium bodied Irish Red Ale... OG - 13.5 FG - 3.0 IBUs - 35 ABV - 5.6%
Guard Dog Porter - OG - 14.5 FG - 4.0 IBUs - 30 ABV - 5.6%
Tire Chaser IPA - A variation of a West Coast IPA...Summit and Amarillo Hops. OG - 13.5 FG - 2.4 IBUs - 62 - ABV - 6.0%
Wagging Tail Wit - OG - 12.5 FG - 2.8 IBUs - 15 ABV - 5.3%
Rope Tug Rye - OG - 15.0 FG - 2.6 - IBUs - 40 ABV - 6.7%
 Droopy Ear Alt -...with a lot of hop bitterness from both Hallertauer and Tettnang hops. OG - 13.5 FG - 3.0 IBUs - 45 ABV - 5.7%

Sure wish I wasn't busy in Philly tomorrow... Marley's looks fantastic inside, beautiful backbar, clear loving care lavished on the appearances, and Mark's a damned good brewer. If you visit, plan on walking around; Bloom is a cool town, with some interesting shops. The Candy Barrel, right down Main Street, has a lot of good store-made and interesting old-timey candies.


Dean said...

Cool - Speak of the devil eh Lew? I'm gonna have to plan a visit.

Tom E said...

Beers sound great. Now if only the brewer's association would issue some kind of moratorium on naming breweries and beers after dogs...

Steven said...

Wow. Hey Lew, need I remind you of this comment from a couple years ago:

"I talked Steve into heading up the road into Libertyville to visit The Firkin. It didn't take much to convince him, and once we got there, I could see why. We weren't there five minutes before Cathy and I started our perennial complaint: 'Why isn't this bar near us?'"

Looks like you may have found one -- and it looks terrific.

Lew Bryson said...

No, dammit! We just added another to the list: Bloom's over two hours away!

Anonymous said...

All the more reason to attend the Taming of the Brews in April

Lew Bryson said...

VERY good point...except, of course, it's already sold out...again! Congrats to BTE for that.

Steven said...

"Bloom's over two hours away!"

Ugh. I think it's time for you to open a tavern! ;-)

Lew Bryson said...

What, and take ALL the fun and spare time out of my life?