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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Terry/Grainery news

It just keeps leaking out... From PhillyBeerScene:
Its going to be located [at] 1113 Walnut St and he’s calling the place The Grainery. The highlight of the new concept has to be the arrival of former Bullfrog brewmaster Terry Hawbaker. The Grainery won’t be a brewpub but Terry will have 4 of the bar's 24+ taps for his beers that he’ll be brewing on an extremely small, artisan scale. 
How much would you pay for that?! But wait, there's more!
On top of having a great beer program, they are also bringing in Damon Dyer, an extremely talented mixologist from NYC, to put together a Victorian style cocktail menu....As for food, the details were brief but look for rustic fare with lots of house cured meets and game dishes.... Look for the new bar to open around April.
Oh my...Victorian cocktails? Different than the speakeasy stuff, maybe more punches, raw eggs, and Old Tom? Woo woo!


Bill said...

Buy it's in Philadelphia. Enough ssid, I'm out.

C. Blatchley said...

Much as I like beer...Victorian Cocktails? Nice!

We went to the Distillery in Savanah, GA this fall where they had a fab beer list, but the cocktails blew me away - all old fashioned recipes.

I enjoyed the "Satan's Whiskers" -
Hendricks gin, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, orange juice, cointreau, orange bitters - orange peel whiskers coming off the sides of the glass. Yum!

Now... If we can just get the PLCB to bring in Crème Yvette!

Anonymous said...

C. Blatchley, PLCB does have Creme Yvette.

While this is exciting news, with every restaurant these guys start working on their old ones fall by the wayside it seems. Tap and Table frequently has stock time I tried to order four different beers and none of them were in stock. The Bookstore's service has gotten progressively slower even when the place is nearly empty. I've seen the one owner, Matt Swartz, walking around in short and a Hawaiian shirt in the summer. Talk about a 1920's atmosphere killer. Their once-daily updated taplists aren't anymore. You see customers complaining on their facebooks with seemingly no resolution. It's a real shame. Hopefully once they open this last one up they'll step back for a second and focus on quality and service rather than opening up properties at a breakneck speed.

Unknown said...

Our loss is your gain...

Lew Bryson said...

He is right about the Creme Yvette, Carolyn: the Lemoyne store has 9 bottles.