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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Videos You Should See

If you'd like to learn some great facts and talking points for craft beer -- the industry, the 'culture', the stuff itself -- there are two videos available today (yesterday, actually; I had a really long story to finish and didn't get this done) you should look at.

First, put aside any prejudices you may have about FoxNews, and watch this. It's Dan Kopman of Schlafly Beer, Nick Matt of Matt Brewing, and Leslie Henderson of Lazy Magnolia Brewing, talking about the Beer Stimulus Plan...which is a proposal to reduce the federal excise tax on small breweries. Some interesting stuff, most interesting of which is that craft brewers are 5% of the production, but are 50% of the jobs in the American brewing industry. Local jobs, and it's estimated that each job this bill should create would "cost" taxpayers $4,000 in tax revenue no longer collected. Pretty cheap, compared to other job creation programs.

The other video is at, and it features Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch at his winning, enthusiastic, quirky best (good music, too). It's aimed right at bar/restaurant/club owners, to convince them that selling craft beer isn't just a good thing for beer geeks, it will make them more money. Yeah. That's the stuff.

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