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Thursday, February 3, 2011

And another thing...I'm signing books at Yards on 2/18

I haven't done many PA Breweries 4 events in Philly yet. So I'm doing one at Yards.  Here's what we wrote for the event...which is really just me showing up at 5 PM on Friday the 18th, hanging out at the bar and talking beer and signing books:

There are 75 breweries in Pennsylvania. One of them is in a fish market; one is in a former county morgue; two are in old barns; one is in a train station; and one is in a suburban garage. The two largest American-owned breweries both have their main breweries in Pennsylvania, and they're less than 40 miles apart. Didja know all that?

Lew Bryson does, and if you read his new book, Pennsylvania Breweries 4th edition, you will too, and a lot more. It has reviews of over 220 of the state's best bars, suggestions for stops on your beer travel in the state, and stories of the breweries and brewers* that make Pennsylvania one of the best places in the country -- the world! -- for the beer traveler.

Yards is one of those breweries. It is in Philadelphia, and they will be hosting Lew for a book signing. Stop by, say hi and get a free beer if you purchase a copy of his book. It's a must have!
*Yeah, this story is in there too. Come on out and see where it happened. Oh, and...I've got another event coming up in Philly, too: brunch at Devil's Den on February 27th, 1:00. More on that soon.

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