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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beaumont Makes Predictions

Seems like I'm seeing a lot of Stephen Beaumont this year. We were in Miami at the Cheers Conference together, we're going to be touring Germany and Belgium in about a month, and he's coming to town for Philly Beer Week. I'm looking forward to it; Steve's a good friend and he's got an uncanny knack for finding good places to drink.

So you should see more of him, too. Specifically, check out his blog over at That's the, where he's just posted the last of five predictions about beer in 2008. The predictions are:

1. Wood-aging increases
2. More malty beers in response to the hops shortage
3. "Chicks Dig Beer" (nice note of my Portfolio column on that, thanks)
4. Premiumization: the trend to trade-ups will continue
5. Higher prices from a variety of pressures

As always, these are nicely reasoned and thoughtful, and make sense. Take a look.

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