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Monday, January 21, 2008

Flying to Miami

I'll be out of the icebox the next couple days. After two days of overnight temps in the teens, I'm flying to Miami tomorrow for the Cheers Conference. Wednesday morning I'm presenting a seminar on beer category management for the on-premise operator; in English, that means how to get the right beers into your coldbox. After work's over, I'll be hitting the mojito bars with Stephen Beaumont and his girl Maggie.

Don't wait up for us.


Anonymous said...

I will pray for your safe return as I drink my Stoudts barleywine out in the cold and loving every minute:)
Please don't drink too much Geriatric Ginger beer.

Anonymous said...

hope ya get to drop it like its hot in the hot Miami club scene, Lew!

Anonymous said...

Never thought of you as a mojito drinker...too faddish. Next thing you know, you'll post pics of you dancing the Macarena...:)