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Monday, January 28, 2008

Coach Eddie gives Pittsburgh taverns the "steal" sign

Thanks to Bryan Kolesar, Mr. BrewLounge, for pointing out the latest on the Pittsburgh Drink Tax: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell was recently doing an interview with KDKA radio in Pittsburgh, and questions on the drink tax led to this exchange about how Philly handled their drink tax, reported by Philadelphia Weekly's Philadelphia Will Do blog:

(Rendell): “We don’t quite enforce in the neighborhood taverns as well as we do in the big hotels and restaurants.”

(Host): “You look the other way, sir?”

(Rendell): “Umm, you can say that.”

There you have it, Pittsburgh: stay under the radar at your local independent tavern!

Sorry. It's kinda funny, but come on: if the tax sucks for the guys at the local tappy, it sucks for everyone. Stop trying to balance the budget on beer-drinkers' backs.


Bryan Kolesar said...

I do what I can to help a friend get to a one-a-day-average ;-)

Daria Brashear said...

Having the head of the executive branch advocating looking the other way doesn't set a very good example for enforcement, either.