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Monday, January 21, 2008

One Guy Opening

I don't post press releases here, but this is an exception:
NE Pennsylvania’s newest brewery to open Saturday

BERWICK, PA (January 21, 2008): One Guy Brewing Company, located at 328 W. Front St., Berwick PA 18603 will host its Grand Opening on Saturday January 26th. The “first keg”, a traditional German wood barrel, will be tapped at 1:00 pm.

One Guy Brewing was founded by beer industry veteran Guy Hagner. The name reflects the nature of the operation—from Brewmaster to Glass Washer, Hagner is the sole employee. “This business is a dream come true,” states Hagner. “My main focus is to brew a wide variety of fresh, delicious beers for local beer lovers.”

The brewery is very small—2 barrels (62 gallons) per batch, and initially all sales will be conducted through the brewery’s on-site taproom. Customers are able to enjoy a glass in the taproom and can purchase a growler (1/2 gallon refillable bottle) of brewery-fresh beer to take home.
Congratulations, Guy!


Anonymous said...

Neil Acer of Defiant Brewing Company operates in a similar manner, only he's got a few assistants/bartenders and more tanks...and they brew and bartend all in the same area [behind the bar] at his spot in Pearl River, a suburban NY town not too far from the Tappan Zee bridge. His beers remain unhyped and he has many local fans [and me!].

Guy, I wish you the same success up there in NEPA...going out on your own is scary but I have so much respect for those people who decide to take that risk.

Anonymous said...

I'm goin'! The beer's too good to miss, so we're assembling another two hour tour group (though smaller this time). Many growlers will be hauled home!

DaveC said...

Speaking of Neill Acer, I am tentatively planning on bringing him out to the event Saturday. Will not know until Fri Eve for certain, but he does want to come out. In any event, he wishes Guy all the best with his new digs!

Anonymous said...

OMG, there was a great response today! About 60 people when I arrived at 1:30, and as many when I left at 3:00. Locals, distants, family, and others gathered for great beer and roast pork sandwiches with kraut and/or gravy. I took four growlers home, and each beer was as good as the last or next! The Berwick lager is to die for, ditto the rauch bock, pils, dark lager, etc., etc. Great work, Guy and crew, and you Berwickians may have no idea how good you have it right now! Thanks, Guy, and best of luck. hope to see you in another two weeks!

Lew Bryson said...

I think I inadvertantly deleted a comment: I apologize for that. The commenter couldn't make the opening, and wanted to know if Guy would be open next Saturday. Guy's open today, and will be open next Saturday: One Guy Brewing is open and will remain open. Guy's in business and intends to remain that way.

I would encourage folks to visit often, and I would encourage smart folks in Berwick to get businesses ready to support and impress the folks who may be visiting their town for the first time. A successful brewery can change an area for the better, it's happened often.

Anonymous said...

Guy, we loved being there for the Grand Opening of ONE GUY BREWING CO.
What a fun and splendid day it was for you and all of us! Your beers are great!, and it was a delight to see many of your old friends again and our PA family too. The hard work with the help of so many of them, has made your dream come true!
Thanks to one and all, and our good wishes always.
Your family in Baltimore

Anonymous said...

What styles of beer does Guy think he makes the best? Will he specialize in any certain styles?

What does everyone think of the beer so far?

Anonymous said...

A warning to the geekerie: Guy is a LAGER BREWER. When I talk of beers to die for, these are true session beers, brews of nuance and subtlety; no hops or malt domination, beers of true balance. NO ALES. Truly, session beers at their finest, and worthy of the attention paid to them on the Session Beer Project. I sit here consuming the last of the Berwick lager that will touch my lips for some time, and lament the two-hour drive from here to Berwick. There's haiku in here somewhere, but I don't remember the proper application thereof.

Anonymous said...


"What styles of beer does Guy think he makes the best?"

That's actually a much more complicated question than it might appear. In fact it's given me an idea for a longer essay...

The easy answer would be that my main influence and favorite beers to drink (and brew) are the lagers of Bavaria and Franconia. But I enjoy making a wide range of styles, and a 2-barrel system gives me a lot of freedom to play around.

I'll think about taking a stab at the harder answer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sam! You and your crew did haul an impressive number of growlers out of the place on Saturday. And you're making me blush with all the compliments!

Actually the first ale is already in the fermenter. I do plan to do a variety of styles in addition to the lagers. And although I'm not too keen on the "how many hops can you jam into the kettle" game that's so popular right now, I do have a really cool name for an IPA. So that'll happen sooner rather than later.

That's the beauty of brewing 2 bbls at a time with no packaging expenses/logistics: I can brew whatever whim strikes me at the moment.

Anonymous said...

God bless ya, Guy! No complaints about diversity from this corner! I look forward to tasting top-fermented beers as part of the lineup next trip!

Anonymous said...

Guy I have to say it: I am so glad you are making an IPA. Its my favorite style. If you're a session beer-style brewer it better be "well-balanced" hahaha...whatever that is [I think the definition of "well-balanced" varies by individual expectations and subjective taste...but to me a true well-balanced IPA is Surly Furious, in case you care lol. Ever had it?].

thanks and I am glad to hear I asked such a complicated question. :) Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Guy, are you the same Guy that was making Franconia beer in Mt. Pocono, Liebotschaner in Wilkes Barre, and Dixie in New Orleans?