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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exciting Beer News!

At last, the beer -- I think -- we've all been waiting for.

Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd (OTCBB: DKAM), a leading owner, developer and marketer of premium beverages (like the amazing Trump Vodka and resurrected, er, revivified, er...whatever Rheingold Beer), today announced that the Company has signed an agreement with American icon and rock and roll musician Kid Rock to develop and market a premium domestic beer.

Drinks and Kid Rock will work together to develop and bring to market a product targeted to beer drinkers who appreciate value with an easy to drink (and we do mean really easy to drink), traditional, good tasting American manufactured beer (that comes with a scruffy knit cap on each can).

J. Patrick Kenny CEO Drinks Americas stated, "Kid Rock is a reflection of great American rock and roll music and the American spirit (I thought that was bourbon), and we think we can create a beer in that same image. Having Kid Rock as a Drinks Americas partner is an exciting and big addition to our portfolio of icon brands (which include The Donald, Dr. Dre, and, surprisingly, Paul Newman). There is no question in our mind that people will try a beer that Kid Rock will stand by (like he offered to stand by Pabst for money...only they turned him down) and when they like it (not 'if', dammit, 'when'!), a great and incredibly valuable trademark will be created with his support."

Kenny said, "Drinks will come to market rapidly with Kid Rock's beer. We are in the process of interviewing breweries now (So, Mister...Brewery, where do you see yourself with Kid Rock's Beer in five years?) and working with Kid Rock to make sure that every aspect of the beer and the marketing support is as exciting as everything else Kid Rock does (Everything? Got any video of him sorting his socks?). We think that by very early spring we will have a compelling product and that consumers will love the look, taste, and branding that Kid Rock creates (wait, he's creating the taste, too? How is it with grits sandwiches?). This is a tremendous asset and a valuable addition to Drinks Icon portfolio. The continued expansion of our portfolio is great news for our shareholders (and no one else)."

More details regarding the brand will be released in the coming weeks (if you can hold your water that long).

What, Ludacris and his chicken weren't available?

I've seen this too many times. Why do people keep putting money into schemes like this? If Hard Rock Cafe, which owns a world-wide chain of bars, can't make it work (they launched Hard Rock "Light" and "Heavy" back in the 1990s, and they fell with a barely audible thud), do these folks really think Kid Rock can do it? Whoa, that is so Pamela Anderson.

Paul Newman? Sure, he is an icon, and people know it's largely going to charity. Trump? People know him across a wide range of demographics, and it's a vodka: promotion costs aren't that high. But selling a mass-market style beer? Does anyone involved in this project have a clue about the amount of promotion money needed to do that? Ask InBev how expensive jump-starting Stella in the U.S. has been -- and continues to be. Do they really think having Kid Rock tub-thumping for his own beer is going to be able to bypass that? Oh, yeah, like Billy Beer. Sure...Barnum was right, there is one born every minute.


Steven said...

Hasn't Jimmy Buffet already signed on for something similar (and similarly as lame)?

Anonymous said...

I think Jimmy Buffet's beer is that Landshark Lager. Haven't tried it and don't really intend to. Pretty certain I will feel the same way about Kid Rock's "beer".

Lew Bryson said...

Sounds like a plan. I usually do taste beers that make a big splash -- Miller Chill, Bud Light Lime, Michelob Ultra -- but I think I'm gonna take a pass on KRB.

Anonymous said...

Drinks America seem to not know that some consumers of alcohol beverages actually may be more concerned with the actual taste of the product and not who is the paid celebrity endorser. Although I am interested in the "compelling product" I will probably hold off for awhile before actually passing judgement.

Anonymous said...

Again, it's ALL about the marketing. Nothing about quality or beer style, just HIS lifestyle, and our need to be like him (?). Haven't these guys already lost enough money in the mortgage market??

Thanks for passing along this incredibly important information! Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog...

Tom E said...

Lew, are you kidding? You think Kid Rock wears socks????


Lew Bryson said...

Great line about the mortgage market, Sam!

Tom, I just couldn't think of anything mundane, yet not disgusting, or questionable. I thought about Kid Rock taking a crap, flossing, eating a bag of chips, putting on his shoes...and finally went with the silly sock drawer. Hell, for all I know, Kid Rock may have an entourage to do all that for him, or he may not do any of it. For all I know, he had an ostomy bag fitted so he never has to use a public toilet. I dunno...Kid Rock, I know as little about him as possible.

Tom E said...

Probably no on the shiz bag, because that wouldn't play very well in the grotto at Heff's. Probably yes on the entourage doing everything else for him, including taking a crap.


Jim_Mc said...

so is this beer going to come in tall boy cans and 40oz bottles?

Anonymous said...

it was in the ny post a couple weeks ago kid rock was at a bbq place with some chick and they had to restock the coors light after he left . no one will drink this beer everyone will save the can . waste of money except to the kid who has nothing to lose .

Stacy Nelson said...

PBR is going up for auction here in the next couple of years... Kidd should just wait and buy them! That would kill 2 birds with one stone and we wouldn't need to dump another flavorless product out on the market.

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't tried Landshark yet:
Landshark is to Corona what Bud Light is to Coors Light.

Compared to Coors, Bud tastes substantially sweeter (and even more awful, in my opinion).

Compared to Corona, Landshark tastes substantially sweeter (and also more awful, in my opinion).

It's drinkable... just not enjoyable.

If Jimmy Buffet can't do it right, I doubt Kid Rock can!

Anonymous said...

For whats it worth, a certain blonde has/had quite a fascination with Kid Rock, when she wasn't with her other man, Tommy Lee. Nascar types will drink it I bet.

Anonymous said...

I thought Kid Rock was dead.

Jim McG.

Lew Bryson said...

And Kid Rock being dead is as exciting as everything else Kid Rock does!

Even if he were,'s the brand that's important.