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Sunday, September 21, 2008

While We're Talking Whiskey...

John Hansell has a good post going over at his blog What Does John Know? about where the good values are in whisk/ey these days. It's engendered a lot of discussion. Answers so far: cask strength and 'mid-range' Scotch whiskies, and bottled-in-bond bourbons (although there's general agreement that bourbon is a deal, compared to Scotch whisky). Drop on over and have a look, contribute.

Kind of neat sidebar: the one guy who made a comment, Ethan Prater? He came up and introduced himself at the Gala tonight. I suppose I could be creeped out by such an intersection of Net and flesh worlds, but he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, so, well, I'm not. Good to meet you, Ethan.

Damn. I gotta get to bed.


Anonymous said...

Lemme see now: you forgot your camera, you ran into things with your rental car, you forgot your camera card and you were stunned, I say stunned, to find out that people who comment on the internets also exist in the flesh.

Sobriety was apparently not your friend in the Blue Grass state.

Good reports though.

Lew Bryson said...

I didn't forget the camera, I left it behind on purpose, and I only hit one 'thing' with the rental. The only reason Ethan startled me was because I'd never heard of him until about four hours before he walked up and introduced himself. Kinda weird...but then, as Pookie de Hand has pointed out with some consternation, I've traveled with you, so you'd think I'd be used to that.

Cheers, Jack. See you at Monk's this week?

Anonymous said...

Twice, if you play your cards right (and my car holds up).

Ethan Prater said...

Ha! I enjoyed meeting Lew and converting various other folks from from Internet posters to human beings.

The Festival overall is really an enjoyable set of events - bourbon people are like beer people in that they're often just *nice*.

(Although I do think I might have crossed paths with Lew a few years back, maybe late '03, at one of John Hansell's tastings at Monk's in Philly. Don't think we met, but were at least trying the same whiskies in the same room.)