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Monday, October 4, 2010

Pennsylvania Breweries launches at Victory tomorrow!

Tomorrow -- Tuesday, October 5th --is the official launch party for Pennsylvania Breweries 4th edition at Victory Brewing in Downingtown. If you haven't made plans, join us -- and if you've made other plans, you might want to break them!

Because this is more than just a book signing and Bryson Blabfest! We're going to start at 6:00 with some convivial drinking, then have an hour-long panel discussion about Pennsylvania brewing and beer, featuring brewers from Victory, Nodding Head, Tröegs, Sly Fox, Weyerbacher, and Stoudt's (with me doing Ted Koppel moderation duties); that will include a Q&A session with the audience (that's you, right?). Then at 7:30 I'll start signing books till my hand falls off (and we'll probably wind up having another beer or two in the bar).

It's a ticketed event: $35 gets you a copy of the book, two beers, and a big old hors d'oeuvre selection. And the pleasure of each other's company, of course, hob-nobbing with Ron Barchet, Carol Stoudt, the Trogners, Curt Decker, Brian O'Reilly, and my stunningly personable self. Come on out to Downingtown and join us!


tim said...


Quick question: does the book come in hardback, or softback only?

A quick search on Amazon only yielded a softback result for me.

Lew Bryson said...

That's correct; it's a trade paperback, no hardback.

Christian Schmidt said...

Would like to see some of the old guard breweries represented. Heck, I would have showed if invited but I never got the call.

Lew Bryson said...

I'm working on an event idea just for you and your friends, Christian...more when it firms up. Are you guys interested?

Mike Evans said...

How was your day at Victory? Was there on Saturday, couldn't believe my eyes when I saw sparklers on all 4 of their hand pumps. Bartenders poured two glasses of foam to get one glass of NOW flat beer. Very Lame!