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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pennsylvania Breweries reviews

While I'm cleaning up my Firefox tabs -- I just posted some good session beer links over on the SBP blog -- I noted some reviews of Pennsylvania Breweries late last year, and haven't gotten around to posting them yet. So...

Doug Rieder at the Erie Times-News liked the boost it gives to beer travel, about how important -- and fun! -- it is to go to visit the home of beers you've enjoyed. "Lew Bryson gets it. In fact, he got it before most of us."

And Neil Harner at local beer mag Philly Beer Scene marvels at how I manage to keep up -- it ain't easy! -- and says "Bryson’s book is the perfect balance of information so that novices and experts alike can read and enjoy the book, using it as an everyday reference when drinking at local watering holes throughout the Pennsylvania beer scene."

Thanks! And I'll be signing it at Yards (2/18, 5-7), JoBoy's (2/26, 2-5), and Devil's Den (2/27, 1-4). Gotta get up to Erie, I guess; sounds like they like me up there!


---Guy said...

I imagine it is hard to keep up. Better get cracking on Vol. 5.

Anonymous said...

Yes,come to Erie!!!