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Friday, December 12, 2008

Bethlehem Brew Works re-opens

Case you hadn't heard, Bethlehem Brew Works had a small kitchen fire earlier in the week. The good news is, they re-opened today at 4 PM.

Whew. Now I can take the kids to Bethlehem for our annual Christmas lunch at BBW and shopping expedition in the shops and the Moravian Book Shop, a wonderful bookstore that claims to be the world's oldest continually operating bookstore (since 1745).


SnotSucker said...

Keep in mind they temporarily have a limited menu due to the fire, but then again who cares as long as the beer keeps flowing! Enjoy!

@SKeithJ said...

Lew - did you get to try the Neuweiler Ale. Had a chance to stop by for lunch (pre-fire) picked up a bottle of Rude Elf and tried a sampler with the Neuweiler and thought it was a very tasty sessionable ale. Really wish they'd bottle more of their brews...