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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Local 44 stuff...

Got a phone call from Brendan "Mister Memphis" Hartranft yesterday: the Local 44 New Year's Day 5:00 opening is now definite. "We were saying 5:00 on New Year's Day," Brendan said, "but it really depended on getting L&I (Licenses & Inspection) approval. We got that today, so we're on." (That's 44th and Spruce, 5 PM, Jan. 1st, and Uncle Jack has the opening taplist here.)

There are also some pix of final preparation and some hot-looking wings on the City Paper site here. Gotta figure Brendan's happy he gave CP that quote, too: "I want people to drink heavily here." Could this be the turning point in our currently knickers-in-a-twist attitude about drinking? Stay tuned...

By the way, speaking of knickers and twists: if anyone's wondering why I'm talking so much about Local 44's opening and not about other's simple, folks. Brendan sends me information, so I actually know about it. Hint, hint, bar owners...if you've got real news, send it. It actually increases your chances of getting coverage. And don't just send it to me, send it to Jack, Don, Bryan...the whole crew. That's how it works!

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