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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Google to Bleach Their Blue Noses

Wow, I guess all us beer/booze Bloggers can stop looking over our shoulders -- not that many of you probably were, but I'm paranoid -- because of Google's policy of keeping alcohol at arm's length. Buried in the small print on the "Yeah, I'm going to play nice in the Blogger sandbox" statement you agree to when you use Blogger is some language that seems to say you shouldn't talk about booze...but it's vague.

We can probably forget all that now, because Google has announced that they will "lift restrictions in the New Year, letting spirit brands run branded search campaigns tied in with overall marketing activity." This is in response to slowing "click rates" on AdWord, Google's money-maker. So they're throwing open the doors to spirits ads. About time. Liquor is legal, albeit with restrictions: much like automobiles, pool halls, firearms, marriage, and practicing law. Thanks for admitting it, Google.


Bill said...

Don't you think that really, they didn't want to be seen as aiding the marketing of alcohol to children? In one of the funniest user agreements ever, Google says you need to be 18 or older to use Google. Pause for hysterical laughter. Now, since reading blogs have no such restrictions -- wait, I'm laughing again -- ok. But since they can't forbid kids to blogspot sites, they didn't want liquor ads to appear. But in these tough times...

And you can't be that paranoid -- you're making fun of them and attributing motives to them on their product without fear of reprisal!

Lew Bryson said...

I'm sure that's what it was, Bill, and I'd put that right up there with the ridiculous practice of beer/booze websites forcing you to enter your birthdate before reading about their drinks. Keep laughing!

As for making fun of Google: they're fair. But I am paranoid, and hoping this doesn't get me shit-canned!