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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Single Malts in the NYT

Eric Asimov has another article in the New York Times in his occasional series on spirits, tasting panel adventures I've had the pleasure of being invited to attend and contribute to; today's is on single malt Scotch whisky.

Specifically, they decided to tackle the huge breadth of Scotch whisky with tight focus. They selected twenty-one 12 year old Speysides. Not surprisingly, they found that most of them made "the cut," the first round of blind tasting in which the four participants give a thumbs-up or down on whether the drink deserves further consideration.

A good piece, if only because Eric realizes that single malts simply can't be fully addressed in this relatively short format, and instead writes with obvious love on how Scotch whisky inspires the muse like no other spirit. Indeed.


Bill said...

That's one seriously large glass of whisky in the photo!

Lew Bryson said...

Yeah, it's painful to think about how much whisky gets tossed at these tasting panels, not to mention spit out. Sacrifice for a better-informed world, I suppose.

Bill said...

I hope folks around the office take the bottles home! I used to subscribe to Wine Spectator, and wondered about the wine from the tastings where, once opened, the shelf life of the wines being tasted becomes seriously short. I know they taste blind and spit the wine out... but then they've got almost-full bottles of wine. And if that wine is high end Burgundy or Bordeaux or Brunello... how do the almost full bottles of $250+ wine get disposed of?