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Thursday, March 12, 2009

FOX Philly is running Beer Week exclusives: check this out!

Some great video here about Philly Beer Week; thanks to Victory rep Tracy Mulligan for pointing it out!


Jeff Linkous said...

Alas, looks like Tom Kehoe's name was misspelled in a chyron.

But not to throw warm beer around ... it's great that PBW has drawn such coverage.

Steven said...


Why did your beer guy perpetuate the Ben Franklin quote myth? Grrr.

Still, is there any way you can get the Philly mayor in touch with the Chicago mayor? I don't know if he can crack that nut, but maybe mayor-to-mayor?

Steven said...

Hmmm. Gotta say, the interview with Nichols doesn't seem to be going very seriously -- all the laughing in the background, the incredulousness of the interviewer... seems like some of the FOX heads need some education. Bet they wouldn't snigger at Robert Parker tasting wine.