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Thursday, March 5, 2009

You know it's a good day when...

...your son's coach plugs your Philly Beer Week event in the team parental update e-letter (the typos are kind of a team communication tradition):

Still not smiling? Lew Bryson -- beer afficienado and father of Tom Bryson, one of our very successful original orators -- will be hosting "Lew Bryson's Wheat Beer Breakfast of Champions" at the Grey Lodge on Frankford Avenue at 9:00 am this Saturday morning as one of the official events of Philadelphia Beer Week. Lew is a great guy who will be speaking at a couple of pubs on Saturday and Sunday at other Beer Week events. Trust me, if the beautiful weather and a pint or two do not perk you up, a conversation with Lew will!
I knew we sent him to the right school. (He is successful, too: he just placed first in the qualifying round for the state championships in his event, which he won last year.)

BTW, if anyone wants to join me after the Real Ale Invitational next Sunday for the Forensics Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser at Holy Ghost Prep, hit me for tickets. Good time, and some big good eats: sit at our table and enjoy the entertainment of Holy Ghost's powerhouse forensics team: the humorous interpretation guys are killers this year.

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Anonymous said...

Nice, now that's beer advocacy!