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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Session Beer Project hits The Tiedhouse

The Tiedhouse, the Philly outpost of the General Lafayette Inn brewpub (20th and Hamilton), has invited me to host a session beer event Monday night, March 9th (tomorrow...). I first mentioned that here, and now I have more details from Chris Leonard.

It all starts at 6 PM. There's a $5 cover, and the session beers will then be available by the flight or full pint. I'll be there with Chris's brewer, Russ Czajka for an exploration of these full-flavored, low alcohol beers. We will discuss history, styles, brewing techniques and nuances that make these beers so appealing.

Beers we have on-line so far include:

  • General Lafayette’s The Economizer (a new, very hoppy 3.5%er from the General)
  • Earth Bread + Brewery Stout (part of 'Philly Weak Beer' at EB+B)
  • Philadelphia Brewing Company Kenzinger (crisp, refreshing)
  • Yards Brawler (the surprise hit from the new Yards)
  • Uerige Alt (that's right, from Düsseldorf, and only 4.5%)
  • Sly Fox Seamus Irish Red (rolling with fruity esters)
  • Conniston Bluebird Bitter (a classic)

With more to be added! Possibly the largest selection of session beers Philly has ever seen, all at The Tiedhouse tomorrow. Hope to see you there.


Kevin said...

The Brawler, very good I must say. I had it on tap after the Opening Tap event. The sweet caramel and roasted malts really hide the bitter hops. Alomst like a porter, but not quite. I dig it!

geoffrobinson said...

The market was definitely ready for a mild. Kudos to Yards for filling that niche.