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Friday, March 6, 2009

String of Victories

Jack is passing on the Morning Call's reports of solid advancement of Victory's planned brewpub in Easton. When you check the Morning Call link, take a moment to read the comments. Neanderthals are among us. There is a certain, incredibly vocal, part of the population who just know that the only reason people ever have a drink is to just get drunk. Crazy stupid comments, really.

Anyway, I did say a string of Victories. Because rumors are about -- with solid sources -- that the first new Victory brewpub might actually not be in Easton. There's a real chance that Victory may open a brewpub in Munich. Really. Stadt München. In Germany. Details when I can beat them out of someone. Would that not be the balls? Victory....with a beer garden...representing American beer in Munich.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!! Easton is about half the distance for me as D-Town is, so I can't wait, excuse to stop by Weyerbacher as well.

Anonymous said...

This is great news indeed!
As far as the newspaper comments, I read English newspapers from around the world and it's very common to see the stupidest responses at the end of most stories. It seems as if knee-jerk know-nothingness is a requirement before you can comment. Having said that, it looks like your call on this may have prompted some others to weigh in as there are now many in favor of Victory writing in.

Anonymous said...

Lew - As I'm sure you know but your readers may not remember, Victory HopDevil is a regular at the 1516 Brewpub in Vienna. Pardon the link to my site for those who want a picture.

Dr Zibbs said...

This is the first I've heard of this. Thanks for the scoop.

And I gave you a shout out on my West Chester blog.

Bierman9 said...

Wow... I'd be verry interested to see which biers they serve there, and how they are received by the Münchners... they don't like fucking much with tradition, ya know? ;-)

Rob Sterowski said...

It'll be good to be able to get some decent beer in Munich.