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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yards Cape of Good Hope IPA

Drinking Yards Cape of Good Hope IPA on cask @ Memphis Taproom. Huge fruit/pine nose, aromatically hoppy, but the mouth is gently malty, hop-flavorful, and not hugely bitter. Very enjoyable indeed.

That was my original mobile blogging post; here's a little more. COGH is draft/cask-only, 8%, and -- I'm surprised to learn -- 70 IBU. (Maybe that's calculated...) And as Brendan said at Memphis, it may not be Yards' best beer, but it might be their most elegant. Here's what Yards has to say:

With the Cape of Good Hope installment of Yards IPA, we’ve embarked on an epic journey of our own. Thoroughly hopped with Amarillos in both the whirlpool and the fermenter, it was then transferred to our makeshift shipping cask, where it was dry-hopped again with Nugget and Columbus. Set adrift in our brewery without cooling, it was able to age as though it had been put to sea for six months. The result is an authentic double dry hopped and uniquely aged India Pale Ale reminiscent of something you’d find solace in on a balmy, Indian evening far away from home.
If that's what it took...keep doing it.

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Bill said...

I believe I had the same or very similar beer a few months ago at Yards during the Philadelphia Sessions concert. It was a bit too much for my fragile taste buds but they did have a keg of Brawler hidden away which was quite nice.