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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jimmy Bedford Dies at 69

I just saw on Chuck Cowdery's blog that Jimmy Bedford has died at the age of 69, of an apparent heart attack. Go read Chuck's obituary of Jimmy, and think about the man who was one of only seven master distillers in the history of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.


hiikeeba said...

I met Jimmy ten years ago at Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House in Lynchburg. He was a very nice man. Sorry to hear that he passed away.

Anonymous said...

I returned from the Sturgis SD bike rally this past Thursday (8/6/09) after having the privilege of meeting, riding, dining, and yes, drinking Jack Daniels with Jimmy Bedford. Being able to hang out with Jimmy for 2-3 days during the rally was the highlight of my trip. He was the most humble, kind, respectful person I’ve met in many years. While sitting outside our hotel one night Jimmy brought a signed bottle of “Single Barrel” and we sat around sipping and laughing at several great stories. What a blast it was. Jimmy invited my buddy Bobby and I to visit his home near Lynchburg to meet his wife, ride bikes, tour the distillery, and yes, drink Jack Daniels. We rode with him all day on Wednesday heading to Bell Fourche before Bobby and I left for home (Minnesota) knowing we would see Jimmy in the near future to take him up on his offer. When sitting at my desk on Friday I read the press release of Jimmy’s passing…my heart sank and my stomach turned. How could this be…one of the best persons I have ever met was gone. My new buddy and the plans to continue this friendship had vanished. To all of Jimmy’s family, friends and admirers please know I’m sorry for your loss. Jimmy was one of a kind, just like The whiskey he dedicated his life to and represented with his whole heart. We’ll all miss you Jimmy. Cheers!

Brian Carney, Lakeville MN

Anonymous said...

I worked for Brown-Forman in San Diego and Jimmy would come out at least wice a year to work with us. Spending all day in a car with Jimmy would end up with my sides hurting from laughing so much and a feeling of enrichment from spending time with a true gentleman and all around great guy. No matter where we ended up, either at a Costco signing bottles or at the Racetrack, people would leave with a glow after speaking with Jimmy. I feel really blessed to have met him and spent time with him. God Bless and Gospedd Jimmy!