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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tom Pastorius "Ponders" a return to Penn Brewing

According to a story in today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (more here, too) Tom Pastorius would be willing to return to Penn Brewing. Understandably, he has some conditions.
But for the changes to occur, the building that houses the restaurant and now-dormant microbrewery would need to revert to a more "tenant-friendly landlord," Pastorius said.
"This is not a done deal," said Pastorius, who retired in September but owns a minority interest in the company. "Our interest in the business is contingent on new ownership of the building, and that hasn't happened."
The story that followed taxed my ability to follow the tangled finances and ifsy-wifsy 'I might do this if someone else bought that' proposals, but the nut is this: there are ongoing negotiations for purchase of both the building (owned by E&O Partners) and the brewery (which is currently 82% owned by Birchmere Capital, an ownership that has been...interesting), and both purchases are supported by community groups.

If I might be permitted a subjective statement: please, God, make this happen. Nothing would make me happier than Penn Brewing in the building where it belongs under the hand of Tom Pastorius. Well...nothing in this situation would make me happier. I can think of things that involve beer, Cathy, and a whole lot of privacy in, say, a secluded mountain lodge that would make me happier, but in this situation, I'll stick to Tom running Penn Brewery in the E&O building. I'd hate to think about never sitting at those tables and drinking Kaiser again, and I hate thinking how much sales this whole mess has cost Penn. Sanity, return!


jp said...

yes please we need that back here in a big way. Not that i am again' lion brewing but pgh needs that back here where it belongs especially post the ICB follies

Bob Batz Jr. said...

This --
990292-34.stm?cmpid=newspanel1 -- from the Post-Gazette, where we'll have a bit more tomorrow, but a lot still seems to be, uh, up in the air.

Lew Bryson said...

Thank you, Bob!
Indeed, more seems to be up in the air than settled. Kinda par for this course, no?

cl said...

From your blog to God's ears, Lew. All I can say is that if it can happen, it will happen. (and I would know. BFG)

FYI, much more nooz here:

Bob Batz Jr. said...

Nice job, as usual, Pittsburgh Biz Times' Tim Schooley ...

Bill G. said...

I know that Birchmere thinks that the current Penn beer is "great", but well.....they're the only ones who do. Most of the beer people I know in the Pittsburgh area wouldn't touch the current stuff with a stick, and most of the places with dedicated Penn taps have removed them.

Bringing back REAL Penn would be truly fantastic! I'm just hoping that the name hasn't been damaged beyond repair.

Jerry said...

The restaurant is now closed:

Sigh. We can only hope that this has a happy ending.