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Monday, August 17, 2009

Gary Bredbenner memorial at the Grey Lodge Tuesday night

Tomorrow night, August 18, the Grey Lodge is hosting a memorial service for Gary Bredbenner, who died way too young last month. The memorial service is for those who could not get to the funeral up in Danville.

Everyone who knew Gary is welcome. The memories begin at 6:30 in the upstairs bar. Nothing official, but I'd say dress in Phillies or Eagles gear, or your favorite beer shirt, and come thirsty for the hoppy beers Gary loved. We'll send him off into the Great Brewpub of the Beyond in proper style.

(Anyone know where the Hammer of Glory is? Can we borrow it?)


Pete LaVerghetta said...

I thought Scoats had it. He was gonna break it out for the 13th Anniversary?

Scoats said...

Yup I have it. I picked it up from the Tap last Wed for double duty at GLP 13 Anniversary and Gary's memorial.

I was going to break it out if things needed livening up Sat. Things were wonderfully lovely on Sat, so the HOG stayed in the office.

Unknown said...

I really wish I could make it.
Usually tuesday nights are perfect for me but i've had an event scheduled for a while.
Enjoy toasting Gary.
He is certainly missed.
I know he would've ordered my wings on saturday night;)